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Hang on. It will be an emotional ride, but you're not alone.
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Proven Technology

Interpreting DNA can help diagnose complex symptoms and expand your treatment options


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Uniting patients with leaders in medical research to improve and innovate healthcare options

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Finding a diagnosis for rare neurology symptoms may seem intimidating, but you’re not alone. Nearly 1 in 10 Americans are affected by a “rare” disease. We unite patients and innovators with resources to improve healthcare.


Modern Tools

Genomic analysis paired with medical care can quickly diagnose thousands of rare diseases. New links between health and genetics are continuously emerging, and WGS offers a unique opportunity to rapidly integrate new information.


Bridging the Gap

People with rare neurological conditions spend an average of 7 years searching for a diagnosis, yet many are left with limited treatment options. Free access delivers this revolutionary technology to thousands of patients in need.


Rigorous Analytics

Genomic insights will advance research in this under-studied area of healthcare. A patient-first approach encourages our team to push the limits of medical science and develop technologies to improve healthcare.


Counseling & Support

Engagement with genetic counselors and advocacy networks can unlock the full potential of your genomic analysis. Learn from the leaders in patient care about established and emerging treatment options.


Lasting Impact

We sequence your genome to allow for repeated analysis as new findings are confirmed – a major benefit compared to other sequencing methods. This allows us to update every diagnostic report and perform cutting-edge research.

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